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Why was Jan Bernhard of Pronatur S.A.C. convicted of Swindle?

According to Merriam-Webster to swindle is "To obtain money or property by fraud or deceit." Back in 2003, Jan Bernhard Riggs, then the General Manager of Percof and now of Pronatur, convinced foreign investors to give him a letter of credit of more than a million dollars.

This is normal. Coffee takes months to reach a destination market, get roasted, and be paid for by consumers one cup or bag at a time. Farmers shouldn't wait that long to be paid, so traders and marketers borrow money to finance the coffee and the interest comes out of their profits.

What isn't normal is how Jan Bernhard Riggs convinced foreign investors to guarantee his debt. He falsified documents, pretending to be a notary, which he first denied in 2004 and then finally admitted more than a year later after 2 expert analyses of the forged signatures. Because of this, there was nothing to support the loan when the money disappeared, and others were left to foot the bill.

Jan Bernhard Riggs was condemned by the 29th Instructing Judge of Lima. He was the Manager of Pronatur S.A.C. as of 1998, so the timelines are concurrent.

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